Home Loan

Thinking of buying a Condo, Townhouse, Land or stand alone Home? First find out if you’re qualified for a Home Loan here.

  • Discover if your qualified for a home loan.
  • 4 Minute to Complete.
  • Hear how much you could loan for your new home.

Congratulations! You are looking at considering buying a new home.

You can borrow a Home Loan to buy a new home, or a Condo and even a vacant block. The choice is all yours.

Before you start investing all your spare time to make field trips, completing site visits and talking to countless real estate agents, you can first find out how much you could borrow for a home loan.

TAP or CLICK the APPLY button on this page and complete your details in 4 minutes or less. You can then learn how much you could borrow. This will help save you energy and time so you only visit and inspect the homes that you KNOW are within your budget.

There are some factors to consider, and only a authorised home loan representative can tell you what your home loan borrowing capacity could be.

Your home loan borrowing capacity, is the amount you are able to borrow. After you submit your information, you will know what this amount of pera is.