After You Apply for a Loan

Everyone needs a loan at some time in their life.

Very few of us were born into a family that had a bottomless bank account, and that’s ok.

We’re proud of who we are and of our families also. But Pesos rule the streets my friend. That’s simply the country and time we live in.

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How Much Can I Borrow?

The most common question we get from our clients when they first come to us for a loan is:

  • How can I avail a loan?

The answer to this question is:

Go to, and then ‘Choose Your Loan’ and complete your basic details. Easy.

The second most common question we are asked is:

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What Are The Requirements to Get a Loan?

When you borrow money from a official lending company, the requirements that you will need to submit are usually always very similar.


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How to Borrow Money

Are you trying to learn how you can borrow some pera, to help you get out of a sticky situation?

Keep reading.

Tens of THOUSANDS of people search for this same thing every day on Google, and that’s just inside the Philippines!

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